March 18, 2013

PHS Financial Disclosure: $5K De Minimus Travel Disclosure

Late last year, the National Institutes of Health issued updated guidance and subsequently updated a Frequently Asked Question with respect to the ability of institutions to apply a $5,000 de minimus for disclosure of sponsored or reimbursed travel under the new (2011) PHS financial disclosure regulations.

The UC Office of the President has now issued guidance memo 13-03 to the UC policy, which confirms that campuses may choose to apply the $5,000 de minimus to the disclosure of sponsored or reimbursed travel by investigators.

The UC Berkeley COI Office has updated the financial disclosure forms, instructions and accompanying guidance on the COI Committee web site to reflect this guidance. Effective immediately, when completing PHS Financial Disclosure Form 1, Form 2, and Form 4, only travel in excess of $5,000 per entity per 12-month period should be disclosed. Questions regarding this new guidance should be directed to COI Coordinator Jyl Baldwin at or 642-8110.