September 21, 2007

Finding Funding

The first step in obtaining funding to support research and other projects is often a search for programs that might support the project. The campus subscribes to two funding databases that can make identifying potential funding sources a manageable prospect, and the Sponsored Projects Office provides assistance with searches and other resources to help in the task.

Funding Databases

The Berkeley campus subscribes to the Community of Science (COS) and IRIS funding opportunities databases; each is accessible on any computer with a address. COS and IRIS can be used to search or browse program announcements in all areas from federal and regional government sponsors, foundations, and other organizations. The program listings provide full information on each funding opportunity and links to the agency program announcements.

If you are new to using IRIS or COS, the best way to start may be to use the keyword search to select one or more areas of interest, then browse the search results. If the results are too extensive, narrow the search by adding a qualifier or two. The IRIS Help File and COS Instructions are recommended reading for search tips and guidance.

IRIS also provides listings of programs with upcoming deadlines in over twenty subject areas. The lists are divided into two groups: one for all academic levels, and the other for graduate students and undergraduates.

For help using the COS and IRIS databases or for an individual funding search for Berkeley faculty, contact Shelley Sprandel at or 2-8122.

Other SPO Resources

The SPO web site has additional resources on funding program information. The funding page provides the following: