September 04, 2008

NSF Encourages Comments on Cost Sharing

The National Science Board (NSB) Task Force on Cost Sharing is currently examining the National Science Foundation cost-sharing policy. The NSB recently published a notice in the Federal Register soliciting public comment regarding the research communities’ experiences on use of cost sharing in NSF-funded activities. Comments must be received by October 1, 2008.

NSF Director Arden Bement, Jr. has issued a ‘‘Dear Colleague’’ letter strongly encouraging comments from the research community in response to this notice.

NSF’s letter emphasizes that the NSB is ‘‘particularly interested in receiving feedback on the following: (1) the relationship between cost sharing and NSF program goals; (2) the relationship between cost sharing and institutional competitiveness in NSF grant funding; (3) the role of cost sharing in the NSF merit review process; (4) the importance of types, sources, and timing of voluntary cost sharing; (5) effort associated with tracking and reporting cost-shared resources; (6) the relationship between cost sharing and institutional strategic investment; (7) options for ensuring equity in NSF grant funding when cost sharing is either required or volunteered; (8) research resources from state providers; and (9) research resources from industry providers.’’