January 27, 2009

FAQ for VCR Policy on Late Proposal Submissions to SPO

The Sponsored Projects Office has issued a list of Frequently Asked Questions for the VCR Policy on Late Proposal Submissions to SPO.

The FAQ provides answers to the following questions:
  • What qualifies as a late proposal?
  • What is five days?
  • Does time matter?
  • How complete do you want the proposal?
  • Are pre-proposals covered by the policy?
  • Is a progress report considered a proposal and, therefore, subject to the five-day policy?
  • Should I contact a sponsor to ask for an extension of their deadline?
  • Can I submit a proposal directly to the sponsor if I can’t meet the five-day deadline?
  • Can SPO grant exception to the VCRO policy?
  • What is the process for seeking exception to the VCRO policy?
  • Where do we email the request?
  • Who can approve the late proposal to send to VCR?
  • Where should we send the proposal, to SPO or VCRO?
  • When we request approval for a late submission do we need to say when we are planning to submit to SPO?
  • What happens if we miss the new deadline?
  • If I request and exception once, will any future requests be considered?
  • What if SPO has questions about a late proposal and the PI is not available?
  • If I have approval for a late submission, does that guarantee my proposal will be submitted on time?
  • How should the delivery box outside of SPO be used for late proposals?