October 05, 2009

UC Santa Cruz Hosts NSF Day on November 20

The National Science Foundation and UC Santa Cruz will be holding a one-day “NSF Day” workshop on Friday, November 20, 2009, on the UCSC campus.

The workshop is primarily designed for researchers and educators less experienced in proposing to the NSF; however, more experienced proposers and NSF grantees may find the workshop useful and informative.

The workshop will provide an overview of NSF, its mission, priorities, and budget. It will cover the NSF proposal and merit review process and NSF programs that cut across disciplines. Additionally, representatives from the seven NSF directorates and the Office of International Science and Engineering will make presentations on their programs and will also be available informally and in breakout sessions for discussions of potential research proposals.

The agenda, registration form, and directions are provided by NSF. NSF is not charging a registration fee for the workshop; however, preregistration is required. Submit the registration form to NSF by Friday, November 13, 2009.