April 16, 2010

NSF FastLane Proposals: Hard Copies no Longer Needed for Review by SPO

As of May 1, 2010, the Sponsored Projects Office will begin reviewing National Science Foundation proposals online via the FastLane system. PIs will no longer need to provide SPO with an additional hard copy of their proposal. This policy will apply to all new proposals and requests for supplements submitted through the FastLane system. It will not apply to any other type of NSF submission, and it will not apply to Grants.gov or any other type of electronic submission at this time.


1. Complete the NSF proposal in the FastLane system.
2. Allow Sponsored Research Office (SRO) access to “view, edit and submit” the completed proposal. (If the proposal is in draft form, the PI may choose to allow SPO to “view and edit” only. However, the PI must give SPO access to the “submit” function by the date and time specified by SPO.)
3. After allowing SRO access, submit an email message with the temporary NSF proposal number in the subject line to spoeproposal@berkeley.edu. The following should be attached as one linked PDF document:
a. Completed and signed Proposal Review Form (PRF)
b. Letters of support from any named consultants and/or collaborators (not already included in proposal)
c. Completed and signed federal conflict of interest disclosure forms*
d. Any other required documents as needed, e.g., letters confirming cost sharing commitments, sub-recipient commitment forms, etc.
*For SBIR and STTR proposals only, signed 700-U forms must still be submitted to SPO in hard copy form per State requirements.


After allowing SRO access to the proposal on FastLane, submit the required information listed above via spoeproposal@berkeley.edu in a timely manner.

Remember Steps 1-3 must be completed five working days before the submission deadline for the proposal to be considered “on time.”

The proposal will not be logged in or considered received by SPO until Steps 1-3 have been completed as specified:
  • Email messages that fail to include the NSF temporary proposal number in the subject line will not be accepted by SPO.
  • Attachments that do not include a completed and signed PRF and all required attachments will not be accepted by SPO.
Late proposals must follow the VCRO’s procedures for late proposal exceptions.