July 27, 2010

NIH Progress Reports/Continuation Applications

Berkeley Principal Investigators (PIs) with National Institutes of Health awards subject to the Streamlined Non-Competing Award Process (SNAP) are required to submit their progress reports/continuation applications to NIH using the Electronic Streamlined Noncompeting Award Procedure or “eSNAP.” In the past, PIs were required to route their eSNAP reports through SPO for review and submission.

As of August 1, 2010 PIs should submit eSNAP reports directly to NIH without prior review by SPO. This change in procedure is in response to a recommendation generated by the Dean’s Streamlining Initiative. PIs who will be preparing an eSNAP report and individuals who will be assisting them with editing the eSNAP report or the PI’s e-Commons profile need to be registered in the NIH e-Commons.

Guidance on how to register can be found on the SPO web site at http://www.spo.berkeley.edu/Procedures/nihcommons.html.

Additional guidance and helpful hints on the submission of eSNAPs including initiating and managing an eSNAP, editing business information, and uploading science also is provided. PIs are strongly encouraged to read this information before preparing and submitting an eSNAP. SPO will begin the process of delegating submission authority to PIs on July 30, 2010. NIH will generate an automatic message to alert each PI when the delegation has been completed.

PIs who do not receive such a notice by August 6, 2010 should contact Jim Fong for assistance at jimfong@berkeley.edu or 643-2734.