September 17, 2010

EPA STAR Fellowships for Graduate Environmental Study: SPO Review of Applications Not Required

The Environmental Protection Agency Fall 2011 EPA Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowships For Graduate Environmental Study program supports masters and doctoral candidates in environmental studies. Submission deadlines for the Fall 2011 competition are as follows:

Solicitation Closing Date: November 5, 2010
Solicitation Closing Time: 4:00 PM Eastern Time (ET) to receive paper applications.
11:59:59 PM Eastern Time (ET) for electronic submission through
11:59:59 PM Eastern Time (ET) for e-mail submission of All Letters of Recommendation.

This year EPA STAR Graduate Fellowship applications do not have to be reviewed by SPO prior to submission. However, student applicants are required to follow the following procedures when submitting their proposal.

Special Instructions

The student applicant may submit either a paper application to EPA, or an electronic application via, but not both in response to this program announcement. Follow the application instructions provided in the program announcement for either the paper or electronic submission process.

Make sure to note the modifications to the instructions for filling out the Standard Form 424 and the EPA Key Contacts Form.

For this application, it is appropriate to enter the name of the student as the “applicant.” Do not enter the name of an institution. For questions about the “Authorized Representative” provide information about the student applicant not UC Berkeley. For “Administrative Contact” enter the name of the student’s advisor or, if not available, leave this field blank.

Student applicants do not need to submit their application to SPO for review prior to submission. However, should an award be granted, the student applicant should bring all of the EPA award information to SPO for processing. At this time SPO will require that the student provide a completed Proposal Review Form (PRF) and a copy of the proposal submitted. Failure to provide this information to SPO will prevent the student from receiving tuition and fee payments from the STAR Fellowship.


The student also is responsible for providing SPO with any future notices of additional EPA funding related to the STAR Fellowship. Failure to provide these award notices to SPO will delay the student’s ability to use EPA funds for tuition and fee payments.