February 10, 2011

Subaward and Subcontract Processing Changes at SPO

Over the last few years the number of outgoing subawards and subcontracts processed by the Sponsored Projects Office has grown steadily. Such partnerships are evidence of the ability of Berkeley’s principal investigators to forge productive sponsored project collaborations with a variety of different institutions and agencies within the nation and around the world.

In response to the increase in the number and complexity of subagreements at Berkeley, SPO has recently made the following changes:
  • H.N. Dao, an experienced contract and grant officer who filled an open Research Analyst 4 position in SPO this past December, will now be responsible for processing all State of California subawards and subcontracts. These transactions are being shifted to H.N. now, so there will be a transition period as H.N. learns what is needed for each agreement. However, if you have questions or need assistance with such transactions please contact H.N. Dao at hndao@berkeley.edu.

  • Jennifer Nadeau, Subaward Coordinator, will continue to manage all other subawards and subcontracts except those under industry agreements, which will continue to be processed through the Industry Alliance Office. Heidi Hoffman, who filled an open Research Analyst 2 position in SPO in November 2010 and Kate Lewis who was recently recruited for a new Research Analyst 3 position will assist with these transactions. Questions for the subaward team should be submitted to: subcontracts@berkeley.edu.
The following is updated guidance on how to request the establishment of a subaward or a subcontract from SPO:
  • To establish a subaward or a subcontract under any type of prime award (other than an industry agreement), the PI must send a Request for New Subaward Form to SPO. Nothing will happen until SPO receives this request.

  • The request now should be sent to the following NEW email address: sposubrequest@berkeley.edu.
We appreciate the campus’ patience as we make these organizational and process changes. Our goal is to create a much more efficient and responsive system for processing subawards and subcontracts.