April 02, 2012

NIH Just-In-Time: Electronic Submission, Business Process Change Effective April 20

The National Institutes of Health has issued a Notice of Requirement for Electronic Submission of Just-in-Time Information and Related Business Process Changes Beginning April 20, 2012.

The notices states that to “reduce application confusion and to minimize requests from NIH staff for JIT submissions, NIH is revising its business processes so applicants will have better information on when JIT submissions are required, and to require electronic submission of JIT information through the eRA Commons as of April 20, 2012.”

Electronic Submission
NIH will require applicants “to submit their information using the JIT feature of the eRA Commons at least 60 days before the applicant’s proposed project period start date (or sooner if requested by the IC).”

Revised Business Processes

NIH is also changing the JIT process so “applications receiving an impact score of 40 or less will receive a standard notice and request for submitting JIT information.” NIH will send notices by e-mail from the eRA Commons to the Project Director(s) and/or Principal Investigator(s) two weeks after release of the impact score. See the Notice for additional details.