July 25, 2013

UC Berkeley Composite Benefit Rates for FY13-14 Available

The approved UC Berkeley composite fringe benefit rates for fiscal year 2013-14 are now available and should be used to transact and budget for fringe costs. The new values will be effective retroactively, as of July 1, 2013. Future year rate estimates are for planning purposes, only (e.g., multi-year budgeting, financial aid planning, contract and grant proposal submissions, etc.). Actual rates for years beyond FY13-14 are subject to change.

See the Space and Capitol Resources Composite Benefit Rates page for a fringe benefit rate overview, additional details, and the Composite Benefit Rates FY13-14 in PDF. Also see the July 23, 2013 CALmessages notice: Town Hall Invitation & FY13-14 Composite Benefit Rates Approved! - Effective 7/1/13. The rates are also published on the SPO Salary and Benefits page.