August 01, 2013

CITI Program 2.0 Software Upgrade Complete

The CITI Program finished a major software upgrade on schedule on August 1, 2013. The new CITI Program 2.0 was designed to improve the experience of both learners and administrators. CITI, short for Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, at the University of Miami is a leading provider of web-based training materials for research education.

Learners will find all their familiar links and tools, but in a format that is easier to navigate. In particular, the main learner menu and other learner sections are divided into areas that expand and contract on a click, to allow easier focus on particular information.

Learners in the middle of a course will not lose their coursework record. All learner records, including partial course completions, have been transferred to the updated platform.

All learners and administrators will be asked to update their passwords on the first login to the new system. This is to enable longer, case-sensitive passwords for improved security. Account holders will also be asked to confirm their primary email address, if they have not done so in the last six months.