January 30, 2015

An ASSIST for NIH R03 and R21

The National Institutes of Health has developed an optional online system known as “ASSIST” to help principal investigators with the preparation and submission of certain types of grant applications through Grants.gov.

Key features of ASSIST:
  • Online data entry
  • Multiple user access
  • Verification of application against agency business rules prior to submission
  • Pre-submission preview of assembled application image in agency format
  • Submission to agency through Grants.gov
  • Tracking application status within single system
Available for some time for NIH’s complex, multi-project grant programs, NIH has just announced that ASSIST is now available for two additional programs:
  • NIH's Small Research Grant (R03)
  • NIH’s Exploratory/Developmental Grant (R21) programs
NIH provide the following resources are available to help applicants prepare their applications using ASSIST:
Throughout 2015, ASSIST will become an option for additional grant programs. The NIH hopes to open up ASSIST as an option for the NIH Research Project Grant Program (R01) by May 2015.

Note: All ASSIST users working on an application must have eRA Commons accounts (all standard registration requirements apply).

For additional information, see ASSIST Now an Option for Submission of R03 and R21 Applications (NOT-OD-15-062).