July 01, 2016

NIH SF424 and R&R Forms: Continue to Use Despite Expiration Dates

The National Institutes of Health has published OMB Approval for SF424 R&R Forms Used Federal-wide Underway - Continue to Use Current Forms Until Further Notice (NOT-OD-16-120) in the NIH Guide. From the notice:
NIH and AHRQ grant application form packages include both agency-specific forms (typically labeled PHS) and federal-wide forms (typically labeled Research & Related or R&R). Although our agency-specific forms were recently approved for use through October 31, 2018 (FORMS-D, NOT-OD-16-004), the forms used federal-wide are on different clearance cycles and have recently expired or will expire soon.
Applicants and grantees should continue to use the application form packages (FORMS-D) posted with our funding opportunity announcements despite the expiration dates noted on each form.
Grants.gov is working with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on the federal-wide form clearance and expects OMB approval for proposed form changes later this summer.