August 11, 2017 is Changing: Be Prepared is changing!

The application package and the forms currently in use will be phased out after December 2017, and will be replaced by Workspace—a new way to create a federal grant application.

Federal agencies that previously required organizations and individuals to use to apply for federal funds in the past will require applications to be submitted via Workspace after the New Year.

Note: After the New Year, proposals to NSF still may be submitted using FastLane. NIH proposals still must be submitted via ASSIST. NASA proposals will continue to be submitted using NSPIRES.

What do PIs need to do now?

All that Principal Investgators (PIs) need to do now is register as an “Organization Applicant.”

To do this, the PI will need Berkeley’s DUNS number: 124726725. (Do not enter any dashes between numbers.) After registering, the PI should give their username to the campus Research Administrator (RA) who will be helping the PI with future applications in Workspace.

What do RAs need to do now?

Before an RA can help a PI with a future application in Workspace, the RA must obtain a “Manage Workspace Role.” To do this, the RA will need to register in Workspace as an Organization Applicant as described above, and SPO will need to approve the RA’s “Manage Workspace Role.”

All campus RAs planning to be involved in proposal development after the New Year should register in Workspace by September 15, 2017. SPO will approve the “Manage Workspace Role” for all campus RAs that have registered by this date.