December 12, 2017

Award Process Improvement

One of the pain points identified by the End to End (E2E) review of Berkeley’s Award Set-up Process was lack of transparency around the date awards are actually received by the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) and the Industry Alliance Office (IAO).

There is often a gap between the date a Principal Investigator (PI) receives informal notification about an award from a sponsor and the date that a formal notice of award with terms and conditions is received from the sponsor by SPO or IAO.

Up until now, there has been no way for SPO/IAO to notify PIs that a formal award notice from the sponsor has arrived.

SPO and IAO are now happy to announce that PIs will begin to receive email notifications from SPO/IAO as soon as the sponsor’s award notice is received and logged in, initiating the award set up process in SPO/IAO. These notices will be emailed out between 6:00 pm and 6:10 pm daily and will include the name of the sponsor and the office (SPO/IAO) that will be processing the award transaction.

Note: PIs and CSS/Department Research Administrators will continue to receive email notifications from the SPO Records Team and a copy of the award and Phoebe Award Summary (PAS) when the award set-up process is complete.