July 12, 2019

NSF’s Other Support Requirements

Since 1978, the National Science Foundation has required senior project personnel on proposals to disclose all sources of support, both foreign and domestic. NSF has just issued a “Dear Colleague” letter to ensure that existing requirements to disclose current and pending support information are known, understood, and followed.

For the full text, see Dear Colleague Letter: Research Protection.

Key points:
  1. To streamline the process for providing these disclosures to NSF, NSF proposes to use an electronic format for submission of biographical sketches, including disclosure of all appointments. As currently envisioned, this will become effective in January 2020. NSF also is working to develop an electronic format for disclosure of current and pending support information
  2. NSF has commissioned the independent scientific advisory group JASON to conduct a study. This study will assess risks and recommend possible practices for NSF and its awardee organizations to achieve the best balance between openness and security of science. They will complete their report by the end of the calendar year.
  3. Finally, NSF is issuing a policy making it clear that NSF personnel and IPAs detailed to NSF cannot participate in foreign government talent recruitment programs. There is a risk that participation in foreign government talent recruitment programs by NSF personnel and IPAs will compromise the ethical principles that bind us. Moreover, such participation poses significant risks of inappropriate foreign influence on NSF policies, programs, and priorities, including the integrity of NSF's merit review process—risks we simply cannot accept.

June 17, 2019 Research Advocate: Upcoming: NSF-Approved Biographical Sketch Format