September 26, 2019

NSF and NIH News

National Science Foundation News

Proposal & Award Policy & Procedures Guide (PAPPG)

Due to the number of comments received (many about current and pending support), there will not be an October 2019 posting of the PAPPG on the NSF website, and there will not be a January 2020 PAPPG effective date. The actual posting and effective dates are still to be determined.

National Institutes of Health News

Foreign Components

Since “foreign components” require NIH prior approval, the following guidance has been provided by NIH:

Key measures for identifying foreign components are as follows:
  • Is a portion of the project being conducted outside the US?
    • No – not a foreign component
    • Yes – are the activities being conducted outside of the US significant?
  • Indicators include:
    • collaborations with investigators at a foreign site anticipated to result in co-authorship;
    • use of facilities or instrumentation at a foreign site; or
    • receipt of financial support or resources from a foreign entity.
ORCID Identifiers

In October 2019, the requirement for ORCID identifiers will be incorporated into the appointment process for trainees, scholars, and participants supported by institutional research training, career development, and research education awards that require appointments through the xTrain system, including the following:
  • T03, T15, T32, T34, T35, T37, T42, T90/R90, TL1, TL4, TU2,
  • K12/KL2, R25, R38, RL5, RL9
Beginning with receipt dates on or after January 25, 2020, the requirement for ORCID identifiers will be enforced at the time of application for individual fellowship and career development awards, including the following:
  • F05, F30, F31, F32, F33, F37, F38, F99/K00, FI2,
  • K01, K02, K05,K07, K08, K18, K22, K23, K24, K25, K26, K38, K43, K76, K99/R00
Regional Seminar

An NIH Regional Seminar on Program Funding and Grants Administration will be held in Phoenix, Arizona on November 6-8, 2019.