July 28, 2009

NASA Requiring Organizational Relationship Confirmation in NSPIRES

Beginning August 8, 2009, NASA will require that all proposal team members confirm an organizational relationship in the NSPIRES system before a proposal can be submitted using the system. NASA is making this change to improve the process by which potential conflicts of interest are determined.

For a proposal to be submitted with NSPIRES after August 7, 2009, all proposal team members must confirm an organizational relationship, i.e., identify the organization through which they are participating in a given proposal. A proposal cannot submitted if an organizational relationship is missing for any team member, regardless of role on the proposal (e.g., Co-I, collaborator).

NASA has provided explanatory procedures to guide both existing and prospective team members through this process. The NSPIRES Help Desk can answer questions and provide assistance: (202) 479-9376 or NSPIRES-Help@nasaprs.com.