August 04, 2009

SPO Subrecipient Commitment Form Now Available

Since the fall semester of 2008, the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) has been conducting a pilot test of Berkeley's Subrecipient Commitment Form in several departments across campus. The purpose of this form is to expedite the process of setting up subawards after Berkeley receives a grant so that work on the sponsored project can be initiated as soon as possible. The form also is designed to help subrecipients understand at the proposal stage what will be required of them by Berkeley should an award be made. This includes compliance with federal regulations such as those governing research with human or animal subjects, conflict of interest disclosures, and OMB Circular A-133.

The pilot test of the form has been completed and user evaluations have been used to improve and finalize the form for general campus use. The Subrecipient Commitment Form and directions for completing the form are now available on the SPO website:

The Subrecipient Commitment Form for each subawardee should now be provided to SPO at the proposal stage with other proposal documents. To ensure that the information provided on the form is accurate and up-to-date, the form must be signed by an authorized institutional representative of the subawardee. Subawardees included in previously submitted Berkeley proposals that did not have an opportunity to submit a signed Subrecipient Commitment Form will be asked to do so prior to the establishment of a subaward between the subawardee and Berkeley.

Questions about the form at proposal stage should be directed to SPO research administrators (; questions about the use of the form at the award stage should be directed to the SPO subaward coordinator, Jennifer Nadeau (