August 06, 2009

NIH Stem Cell Guidelines to Apply to All Federal Agencies

In a July 30 memorandum to the heads of federal agencies, President Obama directed agencies to adopt the new NIH guidelines governing federally funded research on human stem cells, including human embryonic stem cells.

The memo states:
In order to ensure that all federally funded human stem cell research is conducted according to these same principles and to promote a uniform Federal policy across the executive branch, I hereby direct the heads of executive departments and agencies that support and conduct stem cell research to adopt these Guidelines, to the fullest extent practicable in light of legal authorities and obligations. I also direct those departments and agencies to submit to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), within 90 days, proposed additions or revisions to any other guidance, policies, or procedures related to human stem cell research, consistent with Executive Order 13505 and this memorandum.

July 6 Research Advocate article: Final NIH Guidelines for Human Stem Cell Research