March 04, 2010

NSF Seeks Public Input on Open Government Initiative

The National Science Foundation is developing an Open Government Plan that will serve as the roadmap for the agency’s plans to improve transparency, better integrate public participation and collaboration into the NSF core mission, and become more innovative and efficient.

NSF is inviting the public to share ideas and suggestions “on how to increase transparency, collaboration, participation, and innovation in its everyday business” using a new OpenNSF web site. NSF will be accepting ideas until March 19, 2010.

OpenNSF allows participants to:
  • Share - Contribute an idea for others to comment on (requires account log-in)
  • Discuss - Read ideas and comments (no log-in required) or comment on existing ideas (requires log-in)
  • Vote - Agree or disagree with an idea, moving it “up” or “down” and increasing or decreasing its popularity (requires log-in)