August 12, 2011

SPO Update: Revised PRF and Late Proposal Form

Over the summer changes were made to two of the forms used by the campus community. Please use the new versions of these forms as soon as possible to improve the efficiency of our campus processes.

The VCR Late Proposal Approval Request Form has been redesigned and updated. The new version of this form was made available to the campus on 7/14/2011. It should now be used by all campus units. The revised form makes it possible for Principal Investigators to indicate to the Vice Chancellor for Research Office if the proposal is in response to a published (hard) vs. an unpublished (soft) deadline. This distinction will better inform the approval process.

The Sponsored Projects Office Proposal Review Form (PRF) also has been modified. Two important changes have been made:

1. A new check box has been added to indicate if “program income” is anticipated.

Program Income is income earned or generated by a sponsored project. Some examples of potential sources of program income include fees from participants at conferences or symposia, sale of items created or fabricated with project funds, and fees for services performed such as laboratory tests. Such income is subject to the terms and conditions of the sponsor, and it is the PI’s responsibility to ensure the funds generated by the project are treated according to the sponsor’s requirements. This modification to the PRF will allow better tracking of potential program income across campus.

2. The signature section of the PRF has been modified.

Chair/Dean approvers for Co-PIs now are no longer required to sign the PRF. Instead, departments/units will be required to provide the name and contact information for the Chair/Dean and this individual will be included on the distribution list of persons receiving notification about the proposal’s submission.

If cost sharing from the Co-PI’s department/unit is included or if the Co-PI is proposing release time as part of the proposal, SPO will require additional approvals from the Co-PI’s Chair/Dean.

Note: Signatures from the PI and the Co-PI still must be provided on the PRF. The PI’s Chair/Dean also still must sign the PRF. These signatures are needed to confirm the certification statements about the content of the proposal and responsibility for the proposal should it be funded.