July 29, 2011

NSF Announces New Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Grant Program, a Public-Private Partnership

The National Science Foundation has launched a new initiative, the NSF Innovation Corps (NSF I-Corps), a public-private partnership that will connect NSF-funded researchers with the technological, entrepreneurial, and business communities to help create a stronger national ecosystem for innovation that “builds upon fundamental research to guide the output of scientific discoveries closer to the development of technologies, products, and processes that benefit society.”

NSF I-Corps will provide additional support to NSF-funded investigators, in the form of mentoring and funding, to accelerate innovation that can attract subsequent third-party funding. NSF I-Corps grants will give project teams access to resources to help determine the readiness to transition technology developed by previously or currently funded NSF projects.

NSF plans to make 25 awards in fiscal year 2011 and 100 awards in 2012. Awards are for six months and for up to $50,000. The first proposal submission window is August 17, 2011 though September 9, 2011. Subsequent submission windows are quarterly, ending December 15, March 15, June 15, and September 15.

NSF will hold a webinar on the first Tuesday of every month, beginning August 2, 2011, to answer questions about the program.

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