June 27, 2012

DOE Notice on Accelerated Spending of ARRA Funds

Recipients of Department of Energy American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) discretionary program funds should read the June 22, 2012 letter from David Sandalow, Acting Under Secretary of Energy, to all of DOE’s prime grant recipients. This letter addresses the Office of Management and Budget’s September 2011 memorandum M-11-34 regarding accelerated spending of ARRA funds.

Please note that the deadline is July 15, 2012 for requesting an extension that moves a project’s period of performance beyond September 13, 2013. These requests must be submitted through SPO.

DOE will be submitting a waiver to OMB for every DOE Recovery Act discretionary grant recipient that already has a Period of Performance that extends past September 30, 2013. For all other requests, DOE will review the request and determine on a case-by-case basis which to submit to OMB. Once OMB releases formal guidance on the waiver process, DOE will follow up with recipients.

If you are unsure if your DOE-funded project includes ARRA funds, please consult the list of ARRA awards received by UC Berkeley.