July 02, 2012

Grant Forward Funding Database Replaces IRIS

Grant Forward is a new grant search service that has replaced the University of Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS) funding database. Grant Forward is available all faculty, postdocs, staff, and students at UC Berkeley because of the campus subscription to the service. Grant Forward can be accessed directly from a campus computer or from an off-campus computer by first setting up an account.

There are two search methods: basic and advanced. The basic search provides a simple unified search that accepts phrases, keywords, and restrictions, and autocompletes for ease of use. Advanced search provides a set of fields for targeted queries. In advanced search, you can specify general keywords, categories (similar to IRIS Subject Keywords), sponsors, and a variety of additional attributes.

Grant Forward provides a FAQ for new users and transition guide for former IRIS users to help answer questions about the service.

Setting up a Grant Forward account provides additional features. Once you create a Grant Forward account using a UC Berkeley computer or email address, and link your account to UC Berkeley, you can then sign in from any computer (work or home) to search for grants. With an account, you can save searches and set email alerts to receive notices of new or updated funding opportunities, and also save individual grant opportunities.