May 28, 2013

Updates in Fund Advance Form and Procedures for Sponsored Projects

A fund advance provides a principal investigator (PI) who is awaiting his/her award with a project fund that can be charged for a limited amount of allowable pre-award costs necessary to start up the project. This same fund can then be used for all subsequent project charges when the award is finalized, thus eliminating the possibility of inappropriate cost transfers. The Sponsored Projects Office (SPO)  is responsible for processing fund advance requests for UC Berkeley PIs and departments.

Guidelines and restrictions for Fund Advance Request processing and the UCB Fund Advance Request Form can be found on the SPO web site.

Recent updates and clarifications have been made to the fund advance request guidelines and form.
  • The Type “A” fund advance is appropriate for new and competing continuation awards from U.S. federal sponsors made directly to UC Berkeley. A Type “A” is not appropriate for the non-competing segments of U.S. federal awards made to UC Berkeley. The Type “A” also is not appropriate for subagreements to UC Berkeley under U.S. federal awards awarded to other entities.
  • The Type "B" fund advance is appropriate when departments/units wish to proactively identify a backup fund to charge if the award is not received as anticipated. As in the past, the authorized financial administrator of the backup fund must certify that this fund has sufficient unrestricted funds to cover the advance.
  • The Type “A” fund advance period continues to be limited to 90 calendar days. Type “B” and “C” fund advance period extensions may be processed by SPO with chair/dean/director approval as long as no other restrictions apply.
  • A signed certification from the chair/dean/director is now included at the bottom of every fund advance form indicating that the approver understands that any deficit that results from any type of fund advance continues to be the responsibility of the PI’s department/unit and will, as in the past, be cleared according to the campus policy on deficit reduction.
All previous restrictions and requirements for processing a fund advance at UC Berkeley still apply.