October 01, 2013

CPHS Develops Two Guidance Documents for Undergraduate-Initiated Research Activities

The Committee for Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) and the Office for the Protection of Human Subjects (OPHS) have developed two documents to help guide undergraduate-initiated research activities (UIRA).

These documents are on the CPHS/OPHS web site under CPHS Guidelines. The first document, Ethical Issues in Undergraduate Research Activities with Human Participants, walks undergraduate researchers through important ethical considerations that arise in human subjects research: designing the research to minimize risks to participants, creating an environment where participants are informed and are free from coercion, and providing protection for individuals who are members of a vulnerable group.

The second document, Guidance on Designing Undergraduate-Initiated Research Activities, is a practical step-by-step document on how undergraduates should select their population, recruit subjects without undue influence, obtain informed consent, minimize risk, and keep data confidential.

Please note that undergraduate students may also reference the Student Investigators Guide on the CPHS/OPHS web site. For further guidance contact the OPHS Analyst of the Day at (510) 642-7461 or email ophs@berkeley.edu.