January 16, 2014

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) update from EH&S

The distribution of free lab coats and safety glasses/goggles for the campus research community will be the week of February 24, 2014 at Memorial Stadium. While much progress has been made on the steps needed to get laboratories ready for this event, help in reminding applicable principal investigators (PIs) or other laboratory personnel would be appreciated. Additionally, it is always worth pointing out that this process also leads to free laundering of lab coats.

Steps labs need to take:
  1. Ensure the lab’s roster is kept up-to-date. It is very important to click on the “click here if lab roster is current” button. (Over 80% of campus labs have done this step. If a lab hasn’t, there will be a week’s lag before the next step can be done once they do this step.)
  2. Each PI must then “activate” their lab in the Lab Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) and then either complete the assessment or assign and have a delegate complete the assessment. (Over 160 PIs have activated, and over 110 have completed their assessment).
  3. Upon completion of the assessment, everyone in the lab must go to LHAT to review the assessment, watch a 6 minute training video, and obtain a voucher for the PPE distribution event in February.
  4. Everyone in the lab needs to then register at Eventbrite for the two-hour window of their choice to pick up their PPE.
There are local fitting events planned for PIs. Events in the near future include: January 16, 2014 from 1:00-5:00 in 177 LSA and January 17 from 1:00-3:00 in 434 Barker. The final two events will be February 10 and 13, 2014. Times and locations will be announced. These special sessions are for PIs and will allow them to bypass the large fitting event. PIs can only participate if they have completed steps 1-3 above.

There will be two iPads given away each day of the fitting event, free pizza parties for every lab on campus that reaches 100% participation, and other enticements to encourage participation. Please contact Brandon DeFrancisci if you have any questions:

Brandon DeFrancisci
Associate Director For Health and Safety
Environment, Health & Safety
University of California, Berkeley
317 University Hall, MC 1150
Berkeley, CA 94720-1150
office: 510 643-6394
cell: 510 812-1543