October 09, 2015

Curious About UC Berkeley’s External Funding?

Are you curious about the external funding coming to UC Berkeley? RAC Information Systems has created two new interactive dashboards to provide data on the source of Berkeley’s external funding and award processing time.

The Sponsored Projects Funding dashboard provides access to external funding data summarized by sponsoring agency and department. The data can be further sorted by sponsor type, control unit, and fiscal year using the check boxes on the right hand side of the page.

Award Processing Time shows the turnaround time it takes to process awards received. The data can be sorted by sponsor class and year received using the check boxes on the right hand side. Note that as of October 2015, 63.38% of awards received at Berkeley are processed in under 14 days, and 84.23% of awards are processed in under 30 days.

Data will be refreshed quarterly at the beginning of the quarter.