August 18, 2016

New Process for Some Subrecipients: UCB Participating in FDP Pilot

UC Berkeley is now participating in a pilot test of a new way of processing subawards being conducted by the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP). The goal is to reduce the amount of time and effort that organizations like UC Berkeley spend collecting institutional information from each other.

What this means to campus is that beginning August 18, 2016, UC Berkeley will have two sets of requirements for subrecipients listed in Berkeley proposals:
  1. Any subrecipient that is participating in the FDP pilot will only need to complete a one-page form, the FDP Pilot Subrecipient Project Information sheet.
  2. All other subrecipients will be required to provide a longer form, the Subrecipient Commitment Form (Non-FDP Pilot Institutions).
Both documents can be found under Forms on the SPO website.

The FDP pilot group now includes approximately 78 institutions and organizations across the nation. See FDP Expanded Clearinghouse - Subrecipients for a link to the list of entities that will be participating in the pilot. Institutional information for each entity participating in the FDP pilot will be maintained on the FDP website so it will no longer be necessary to collect this type of information on a subrecipient commitment form.

The pilot test will last 18 months. If results of the pilot are positive, the plan is to allow other FDP institutions to participate.

CSS and Department administrators are encouraged to become familiar with the names of the entities participating in the FDP pilot to ensure that these entities receive the proper form when requesting subrecipient information. Note that only groups participating in the FDP pilot should be asked to fill out the FDP Pilot Subrecipient Project Information sheet.

August 5, 2016 Research Advocate: Upcoming: New Process for Some Subrecipients