August 05, 2016

Upcoming: New Process for Some Subrecipients

UC Berkeley will be participating in a pilot test of a new way of processing subawards being conducted by the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP). The FDP pilot is scheduled to begin in mid-August; the exact date has not yet been released.

What this means to campus is that after the FDP pilot starts, UC Berkeley will have two sets of requirements for subrecipients listed in Berkeley proposals:

1. Any subrecipient that is participating in the FDP pilot will only need to complete a one-page form and provide project-related information at the proposal stage.
2. All other subrecipients will be required to provide both project-related and institutional information using SPO’s Subrecipient Commitment Form.

The pilot group will include approximately 90 institutions of higher education across the nation, and the pilot test will last 18 months. If results of the pilot are positive, the plan is to allow other FDP institutions to participate.

SPO is developing new procedures for the pilot test, which will be announced to the campus as soon as the pilot start date is known. SPO also will post the list of subrecipients participating in the pilot test as soon as this information is released by the FDP.