April 15, 2007

Exceptional PI Status Policy Revised

The Vice Chancellor for Research Office recently modified the Berkeley campus Principal Investigator policy (the Policy On Eligibility For The Submission Of Extramural Support Proposals And Procedures For Obtaining Exceptions). The following changes are in effect as of March 20, 2007:
  • Detailed definitions have been added to differentiate between Principal Investigator status and Project Director status.
  • All references to “Program Director” have been deleted (throughout).
  • Statement governing University employment has been revised to reflect current campus appointment procedures (2.-d.).
  • Statement added regarding “continuing status” remaining in effect until revoked by the requesting campus department or unit (4.-a.).
  • Procedures have been updated to comply with current campus review procedures (5.).
  • All references to “co-Principal Investigator” status have been removed to comply with federal agency policies (throughout).
The full revised PI policy can be found at: http://vcresearch.berkeley.edu/principal-investigator-status.

Please direct any questions regarding this revised policy to Laura Mays in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at 642-9689, or redbeard@berkeley.edu.