April 18, 2007

Grants.gov Transition to Adobe

The April 18 Grants.gov Stakeholder webcast included a status update on the transition from PureEdge to the Adobe platform. Grants.gov will continue testing the Adobe platform during April, and release the new 2007 system on May 1. However, the transition will be phased in slowly, with the goal of making the change seamless and simple for both agencies and applicants. The complete transition will be made to the Adobe platform by September 30, the end of FY 2007.

The webcast included a demonstration of the new platform. The steps for applicants are the same as in the current system, and the forms appear approximately the same. Applicants should not have any trouble learning to use the new forms. The only software required is the free Adobe Reader, version 7.0.9.

The Grants.gov staff will be updating the user guides and FAQs soon, and adding a new section to the Grants.gov web site for updates on the transition.

Grants.gov is hosting an “Adobe Day” webcast on May 3 from 11:00 a.m. until noon. Adobe Day will provide information on using Adobe Reader to complete grant applications, show how the new forms will look and act, and discuss changes between PureEdge and Adobe. Check the Grants.gov “What’s New This Week” in the coming days for more information.

The presentation slides and the webcast are available on the Grants.gov site at http://www.grants.gov/resources/stakeholder_communications.jsp.