May 31, 2007

New Research Advocate Blog

The Research Administration and Compliance Office is pleased to offer a new model for providing news to the campus: the Research Advocate weblog (or blog).

In the new model, news, information, updates, and other content is published dynamically as articles are written. A key feature is news feed technology. By subscribing to the news feed, you can receive new content automatically delivered to your web browser or RSS/Atom reader without your having to visit the site or check e-mail. RAC will continue to e-mail a notice every month with a table of contents linking to each article online.

Other features:
  • Seven-day rolling list of new awards received by the campus, updated daily.
  • Monthly summary of funding program announcements.
  • Articles are archived for easy browsing of back issues.
  • Article content is fully searchable.
The Research Advocate blog is published at
For information on how to set up a news feed, see