November 20, 2007 PureEdge not Compatible with Mac Leopard or Windows Vista is continuing work on replacing PureEdge Viewer application packages with Adobe Forms. However, most application packages are still in PureEdge format. The National Institutes of Health, for example, will use PureEdge forms at least through March 2008.

Investigators and staff considering upgrading to new Mac or Windows operating systems need to be aware of compatibility issues with PureEdge forms.
  • Macintosh - PureEdge Special Edition Mac Viewer does not work with Mac OS X Leopard. To submit PureEdge forms on a Macintosh computer, either stay at OS X 10.4.6, use a virtualization product, install emulator software, or use a Windows terminal service. See “Apply” at Berkeley for more information on PureEdge on the Mac.

  • Windows - PureEdge does not work with Microsoft Windows Vista, according to To submit PureEdge forms, use Windows XP or follow guidance on Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 Compatibility.
For information and news on the transition to Adobe Forms, see the Program Status and Help pages, and “Apply” at Berkeley. now supports the latest version of Adobe Reader (8.1.1) and continues to support Adobe Reader version 7.0.9.