November 30, 2007

NIH Changing Grant Application Error Correction Window from Five to Two Days

The National Institutes of Health has announced that the “error correction window” will be reduced from five business days to two business days for all electronically submitted grant applications with submission deadlines on or after January 8, 2008. The “error correction window” is the the time allowed after the submission deadline to address NIH system-identified errors and warnings. The two business days provided to view the assembled application image in eRA Commons will remain unchanged.

This change will mean that electronic applications will be considered “on-time” if all of the following criteria are met:
  • All required registrations must be complete prior to the initial submission.
  • Initial successful submission to must have a timestamp on/before 5:00 p.m. local time of the applicant organization on the receipt date.
  • Applicants must correct errors and/or warnings within the two business days following the receipt date.
  • All application corrections must be in response to a system-identified error/warning; application submissions with additional changes may be refused.
  • If final submission is sent after the receipt date, a cover letter attachment must be included identifying the system-identified errors and warnings that have been corrected.