January 04, 2008

NIH Issues New PHS 398, 2950, and Other Forms

The National Institutes of Health has issued revised PHS 398, PHS 2590, PHS 2271, PHS 3734, and HHS 568 forms, available on the NIH Forms & Applications page. The newly revised forms are dated 11/2007.

NIH has made some notable changes to the revised PHS 398 form and instructions, including implementation of terminology used in the Grants.gov SF424 (R&R). The new PHS 398 may be used to submit grant applications beginning with the January 25, 2008 deadline and is required for applications received for May 25, 2008 and subsequent due dates. NIH is also requiring that appendix material submitted with paper PHS 398 applications on or after May 25 be submitted on CD only.

The new PHS 2590 form and instructions must be used for all progress reports received on or after March 1, 2008. The NIH Guide notice lists the notable changes.

The new PHS 2271 Statement of Appointment must be used for all trainee appointments made on or after May 1, 2008. The PHS 3734 Official Statement Relinquishing Interest and Rights in a PHS Research Grant form may be used immediately. The HHS 568 Final Invention Statement and Certification form may also be used immediately.

NIH Guide Notices